Who IS THE DOCTOR'S New COMPANION?  Even she doesn't know.

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Recap of Ashildr/Me and Clara flying away in their TARDIS.

Recap of Lord High President Rassilon being exiled from Gallifrey by the High Council.

Series 10 Opener – Modern Day Ealing, London

A panicked hazel-Eyed, Pale-Skinned young brunette woman is running, escaping something. She bumps into The Doctor near his TARDIS. The Doctor asks who she is running from. She says “Me… Me… TARDIS” and faints. Inside the TARDIS, The Doctor wakes woman and asks her “Who are you? Why were you running from Me? How do you know what a TARDIS is?” She cannot remember anything, not even her own name. She is scared. The Doctor calms her. He introduces himself and assures her that he can easily help her by taking her back to a time before she lost her memory. When The Doctor tries to operate the TARDIS, it malfunctions, makes a horrible sound, and arrives at the wrong destination. The Doctor tries again, but the TARDIS has lost all power.

1st Adventure – Different Planet, Time irrelevant. Story to be written by somebody else.

In this story, they are on a planet with a beautiful sky. While The Doctor and his amnesiac Companion explore, she says that she would like to be called Sky until she regains her memory. Her memory does not improve. (Main Arc: Who is this woman and why was she running from “Me”?) The TARDIS recharges by the end of the episode. When The Doctor tries to take Sky back, the TARDIS fails once again and arrives at the wrong destination. The TARDIS loses all power and needs to recharge, yet again.

2nd Adventure - A planet in the Tornado Nebula, Time unknown. Story to be written by somebody else.

Sky is uneasy about this place. It feels familiar. The Doctor and Sky encounter a villain who almost kills Sky. The TARDIS recharges, but when The Doctor tries to take Sky back home, it malfunctions again. The episode ends with the villain begging forgiveness from Rassilon, who explains that he cannot return to Gallifrey to exact revenge against the Time Lords without The Doctor, since the only one who knows how to get back to Gallifrey (Secondary Arc). The Doctor is unaware that Rassilon was the one who had sent the enemy and that Rassilon is trying to get back to Gallifrey.

3rd Adventure – Earth, mid 20th Century. Story to be written by somebody else.

The Doctor goes by John Smith. Sky likes the name. She decides to go by the name of Sky Smith (Same as Sarah Jane Smith’s Daughter from The Sarah Jane Adventures). The Doctor and Sky meet Me/Ashildr. Sky seems to recognize Me, but Me does not recognize Sky. The villain of this story (TBD) tries to capture The Doctor by endangering Sky. Me blames Sky for making Doctor more dangerous. The Doctor worries this sets in motion the events that cause Sky to be chased by Me. The TARDIS is still malfunctioning.

4th Adventure – Earth’s Moon, 28th Century. Story to be written by somebody else.

The Doctor and Sky meet Me/Ashildr again. The Doctor allows the episode’s villain to escape in order to save Sky, losing his only chance to find out who is after him and why. Me says if she ever got a TARDIS, she would prevent The Doctor and Sky from ever meeting, because Sky makes him dangerous. The TARDIS is still malfunctioning.

5th Adventure – Story to be written by somebody else.

The story ends with The Doctor and Sky being captured by Rassilon and his Companion.

Series 10 Finale – Different planet, Time unknown.

Rassilon’s Companion traps Sky in the TARDIS. Rassilon himself interrogates The Doctor at a different location. Rassilon’s Companion tells Sky that Rassilon plans to commit genocide on Gallifrey and that there is nothing she can do about it. Rassilon explains to The Doctor that he has been trying to capture him throughout time and space. Rassilon threatens to torture and kill The Doctor over and over until this new set of regenerations are done, unless The Doctor reveals how to get back to Gallifrey. If The Doctor shares his knowledge, Sky will be spared. Rassilon does NOT tell The Doctor of his plans to commit genocide on all Time Lords. Sky tries to escape using the few items in the room. She breaks the sonic sunglasses when she tries to pick the TARDIS lock. She slams the guitar against the door. She frantically throws different items against door, including a pocket watch. Rassilon kills The Doctor. The Pocket watch opens when it bounces off the wall. The Pocket watch is destroyed. The Doctor Regenerates. Rassilon is knocked back by the regeneration. Sky regains her memory when pocket watch opens (Chameleon Arch). Sky is a Time Lady. Sky uses the TARDIS to rescue The Doctor who is unconscious from the regeneration. Sky presses the Friction Contrafibulator button and takes the unconscious Doctor back to Ealing, where the series began. Rassilon never sees Sky. Rassilon kills his own Companion for failing to kill Sky. The Doctor wakes up, looks in the mirror. We all see that The Doctor regenerated into Sky. Sky was the next regeneration of The Doctor all along. The Doctor passes out.

Series 10 – Notes and Recurring Themes

     Plot Patterns: The TARDIS loses almost all power. A villain (sent by Rassilon) tries to capture The Doctor. Sky saves The Doctor more than he saves her. The TARDIS recharges, The Doctor fails to take Sky home because the TARDIS struggles when crossed timelines exist within it.

     Me's friction with The Doctor and Sky: The Doctor repeatedly puts others at risk to save Sky. Me/Ashildr thinks that The Doctor is more dangerous than ever because of Sky and compares Sky’s risk-taking to The Doctor’s.

     Misdirection: The story begins in the same neighborhood where The Sarah Jane Adventures took place (Ealing, London). Sky Smith’s name is the same as Sky Smith from The Sarah Jane Adventures. Her physical appearance is similar to that of a grown up Sky Smith. Sky is uneasy about the planet in the Tornado Nebula (misdirects fans into thinking this is an “Easter Egg” referencing Sky Smith from the The Adventures of Sarah Jane)

     Subtle clues point to Sky being the next Doctor: The TARDIS malfunctions when crossed timelines exist within it. Sky is a great runner. Sky’s brilliance equals that of Doctor Capaldi. She seems to have foreshadowing instincts (not knowledge, due to already having lived through these adventures as the Doctor Capaldi). She was never surprised that the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. In each episode, she does something reminiscent of the corresponding Doctor (In the 1st episode, she grabs her lapels like the 1st Doctor. In the 4th episode, she discovers she likes Jelly Babies. In the 9th, she says “Fantastic.” In the 10th, she says “I’m so sorry.” In the 11th episode she says “I think bow ties are cool.”)

     The Chameleon Arch: It is Time Lord technology which modifies the biology of an individual, allowing a Time Lord to become human. It stores the Time Lord’s essence in a special pocket watch that, when opened, would makes the Time Lord revert to his/her former self. The Chameleon Arch was a plot device in the episodes Human Nature, The Family of Blood, Utopia.

     The Friction Contrafibulator: It is a button that stabilizes the TARDIS when the TARDIS is confused by the presence of multiple Doctors. The Friction Contrafibulator was a plot device in The Day of The Doctor.

Series 10 – Unanswered Questions:

Why did Doctor Sky run away from Me?

Why did Doctor use the Chameleon Arch to become human and forget her existence?

Series 11 Opener – Modern Day Ealing, London, same day as series 10 Opener

The Doctor with her regained memory runs away into her own TARDIS, which disappears.
The Newly regenerated Doctor wakes up.
The Doctor (regained memory) left a video message to her younger self (Newly regenerated Doctor). “One day, you will have to hide your identity by becoming human and travel back to become Sky. I cannot say anymore, but know this: I will come back for you. (She does NOT reveal that Rassilon intends to commit genocide).

1st Adventure – Internment Camp on Different Planet (Earth Colony), Future. Story to be written by somebody else.

     Strong Female Doctor is introduced:

     Does not conform to male stereotypes of strength.

     No female stereotypes either. Not maternal. Not overly sensitive.

     No romantic stories. Nothing sexual.

     No clichéd misogynist villains.

     We do want some humor pointing to differences between being male and female
     Human Male Companion is introduced:

     Saved from Slavery/hard labor.

     Has no family.

     Would die for The Doctor.

     Resourceful; Skilled in various minor kinds of mechanical work; jack-of-all-trades. Fast learner.

Series 11 Other Adventures – Stories to be written by somebody else.

Some with Me/Ashildr

At least one with Missy

I would love an all-female episode (writer, director, actors, former Companions, etc.)

Series 11 Finale – Location and Time undetermined.

The Doctor finally learns that Rassilon plans to commit genocide on all Time Lords. The only way for The Doctor to protect her race is to lose the knowledge of how to get back to Gallifrey, by losing her memory. Since the Pocket Watch was destroyed at end of 10th Series, her memory loss would be permanent (unless she goes back in time). The Doctor instructs her Companion to leave her once she loses her memory and to take the TARDIS to specific coordinates. The Doctor tells Rassilon of her plan to erase her own memory. Rassilon cannot stop The Doctor. Rassilon loses his only chance of getting back to Gallifrey. The Doctor uses the Chameleon Arch to become human (Sky). She sees herself in the mirror and exits the TARDIS. The Doctor’s Companion leaves with the TARDIS. Human Sky is now all alone. Furious, Rassilon throws Human Sky off a cliff, knowing that as a human, she will die a permanent death. The Doctor (from Series 11 Opener, after regained memory) comes to get amnesiac Sky and captures her mid-air using the TARDIS. “I told you I’d come back for you.” The Doctor takes amnesiac Sky back to beginning of Series 10 (Ealing, London). Amnesiac Sky wakes up and sees her future self. “Who are you? Where am I?” “Don’t worry. You’re safe. We are in the TARDIS.” Amnesiac Sky runs away in a Panic to meet Doctor Capaldi. Male Companion arrives minutes later. The Doctor and Companion leave a TARDIS for Sky and take the other to continue adventures.

Series 11 – Notes and Recurring Themes

     Friction between Me and The Doctor increases.
     Sky did not run away from Me. Sky ran from me (herself).
Loose End:

     Rassilon is still out there, but thinks The Doctor is permanently dead


SPOILERS:  The Doctor’s amnesiac Companion is the future Doctor. She is not running away from Me (Ashildr). She is running away from me (as in herself).